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Meet Danielle: Olympian, Speaker, Author, Coach.

"I believe that there is a fighting spirit in all of us. I know that a desire to bring our dreams into fruition and having a hunger for doing what you love can bring forward unbelievable opportunities. My story is just one instance of this – what will yours be?"

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One-on-One Mentorship

From the multitude of failed paths and ventures to the success of being an Elite Athlete, Olympian, Author & Motivational Speaker - I’ve LIVED it and want to teach you how to, as well.

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Compassionate & Inspirational

Danielle is such a compassionate and inspirational person, that really gave me the strength to keep pushing forward in the program.

Sarah – WA, Australia

Guidance & Direction

Danielle taught me that everyone has a purpose that is unique and she set a path and foundation for me to find mine career-wise. 

Chloe – NSW, Australia

Empowered Community

Everyone deserves peace within themselves and this is the perfect space to find that, regardless if you are a 9-5er like me or a firefighter or a mum or a florist!

Isobel - ACT, Australia

Figure out how to access your HIGHEST SELF!

The solution that you have been looking for to help you get CLEAR on what you want to do with your life, FIGURE out what is your PURPOSE and MAKE a plan to bring it to fruition in 16 WEEKS!

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