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I grew up thinking I would never make anything of myself but I always knew I wanted more from life. I didn’t want it to be normal. This life can be bigger, bolder and more beautiful than you ever imagined. When you combine the power of your mindset, rewiring your subconscious programming with the spiritual tools to expand your energetic capacity and manifestation - you CAN manifest a life wilder than your wildest dream. Trust me, I was an average girl that became an Olympian. Let me show you how . . .


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I am Danielle Kettlewell


And yes I am an Olympian & Author but I am so much more than that. I am an Igniter, Space HolderHealing Facilitator and Lover of all Souls.

My mission is to activate professionals, creatives & aspiring entrepreneurs to leap into their soul purpose in this lifetime. For some that purpose that may be to live in more internal peace and joy, for others it might be to finally pursue that creative passion or for many that may be to start the business they have been dreaming of.

Whatever it is for you though know that it all starts with healing and releasing the belief systems that are not serving you to reclaim your inherent worthiness.



I was an average girl who quantum leaped into becoming an Olympian, writing a book and living all over the world with the love of my life while creating my dream business! If I was to tell my younger self I would be doing all of this, I never would have thought it was possible.


In my programs, podcasts and 1:1 coaching I combine the masculine energy of cultivating a powerful mindset, with the feminine energy of healing, rewiring and connecting with our soul & spirit to manifest our desires.


You get to come as you are. No need to be perfect or put together. In this space we value authenticity, love, joy, ease and community. But we also know that life and going after our dreams isn't linear and we are all allowed to have bad days. We feel to heal, find the lesson then move forward.

My intention is for you to feel held & loved by the souls in the DK community while feeling the fire and power inside of you to break the societal rules and create your reality.


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The Beautiful Souls Podcast is where Danielle Kettlewell - Olympian, Author, Speaker & Coach - shares authentically & openly all things from manifestation, energy & spirituality to mindset, goals & how to step into your highest alignment. If you’re ready to level up your life, manifest your highest potential & have a few laughs along the way - hit that subscribe button & get this magical audio experience in your ear holes.

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