What makes me qualified to speak to, coach and inspire others?

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Meet Danielle

Like most, I have been dealt my fair share of adversity, and what I have come to realise is life happens to you not for you, my friend. I am here to share with the world my journey of self-realisation in the face of life’s obstacles and how through my lived-experience, you can jump your greatest hurdles. My contribution to this planet is to instil self-belief in people so they too can realise the potency of self-talk and swap their story for something that serves. But what makes me qualified to speak to, coach and inspire others?

Well, let’s go back to the beginning for just a moment, the story of DK and why I can help you step into your fear to achieve your dreams

I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada with Australian parents and took up synchronized swimming as more of a hobby than a sport, at the age of eight.

A decade later I hung up my cap and nose clip and retired from competitive synchro to focus on university studies like the majority of fellow graduates. Out of alignment and demotivated by university life, I was just plotting through life but I had this whisper inside me that believed I was capable of so much more.

Call it fate, luck or a gift from the universe I was dealt a strong blow to the head during training and in an unprecedented (and might I add – unlikely) turn of events, it set me on the path to joining the Australian National Synchro Team, and then the Olympics.

But it didn’t come without sacrifice and moments where self-belief felt non-existent.

At times where I missed my family and friends, or the financial strain felt too much to bear or I resented the round the clock regimen of 4.30 wake-ups, grueling training schedules, strict eating, sleeping (barely) and getting up to do it again the next day, I had to tune into the whisper of my soul saying “what if?” I would rather try and fail, than not try at all, and thanks to my determination and tenacity that got me to the Olympics, I can now say I know how to unlock self-belief within myself and inspire it in others.

My retirement from sport has led me on a new path of writing my book, “The Unlikely Olympian: Step into your Fears to Achieve your Dreams,” as well as speaking and coaching women to find clarity in their life to walk the path to their own dreams.

I believe that there is a fighting spirit in all of us. I know that a desire to bring our dreams into fruition and having a hunger for doing what you love can bring forward unbelievable opportunities.

My story is just one instance of this – what will yours be?

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