End of an Era

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2018

Now this is something that most people never talk about in the galaxy of the Internet keeping the personal space of a relationship private but in my plight to bring more honesty to the online world I have decided to speak about it – my break up.

It breaks my heart to say that Lexi and I are no longer together. The specific details and reasoning behind it I believe should be held in a private realm to be respectful to both of us and our relationship that no longer exists. However I know that I want to do this differently than those before me. By no means am I trying to be condescending to the dissolved relationships of others but by going through this myself, I have known that I want to do it our own way.

There is something horrible about relationships ending usually finishing with hostility, anger and heartbroken despair. Heartbreak is inevitable in any long-term relationship because dusting off your life with another person comes with a lot of pain for the loss of your partner and loss of that time of your life. I know that I can’t change nor want to alter the process of healing by dealing with pain of and heartbreak, but I know that I refuse to have hostility and anger towards the person I dedicated four years of my life to.

Despite Lexi’s ability to struggle with accepting compliments I want to honour the great role that he has played in my life. He sacrificed his world by leaving his life in Canada behind to help me on my journey to achieve my goal. He supported me emotionally, financially and physically through every step. He believed in me in the moments when I didn’t believe in myself and loved me through the moments when I struggled to see reasoning. He was my best friend, my biggest cheerleader, my comedic relief and my most loving partner in our strive to achieve our impossible dream.

He taught me how to stand up for myself and believe in myself, he showed me how to rationalize in my moments of crazy and most importantly showed me the level of love that I deserve in my life.

He is a great man and with everything we have been through we know that we will stay in each others lives as great friends going forward. I know that he deserves to be credited for everything that he has done for me for the past four years and I would want no other way than to end our relationship on good terms.

Lexi has been a blessing in my life and I am grateful to him for every aspect that he has improved in me through our course together.

I am proud of our ability to be mature in this situation and deal with our pain sensibly by admiring our past four years together.

I don’t know what will come for either of us moving forward but I know that both of our lives have been enhanced by having each other in it.

I am so lucky to have met him and as hard as this all is to share with the virtual world – this series has showed me the power that honesty holds.

I hope you can incorporate more into your own lives <3



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