I help unsatisfied yet ambitious women get CLEAR on their unique mission, break through any limiting beliefs holding them back and create a plan to live in their highest potential




🙋 Hands up if this is you? 🙋

👉 You know in your heart that you have greatness within you but you feel afraid of failure, judgement and not being enough to grasp it

👉 You are unsatisfied with where your life is at right now and are ready to make a massive shift.

👉 You daydream about being excited wake up every day and work but you no idea what you would do or how to figure it out.

👉 You already are in a career that is exciting but wanting to narrow into DEEPER clarity to find more fulfillment.

There is a nagging feeling inside of your soul

And it is telling you this is the time, even though you feel afraid you know that NOW is the time to take action on this whisper and create a life more magical than you could have ever imagined a few years ago!

Your soul is right - NOW IS THE TIME!

I can be your clarity coach, holistic aligned guide & cheerleader for you to CREATE that career path, soul mission and passionately fulfilled life!

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From Stuck and Uninspired to Owning an
E-Commerce Website

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for me over the last few months, I was in a place in life where I just felt stuck, uninspired and wasn’t moving or growing, didn’t know what I wanted to do next and I didn’t realise my own potential.

Fast forward a few months later and now I am working on my own e-commerce business and have so much more to come in the future. I know now this is where I am meant to be and I can achieve so much more than I was giving myself credit for.

You're amazing, my own personal cheerleader, who has such a lovely energy about you and made me feel so comfortable. You have helped me tremendously to see my own potential, work through my own limiting beliefs, and made me realise anything is really possible and why can’t I be super successful!!? I can’t recommend you enough!

From Tired Mum of 4 to Awaken, Healed & Inspired

Wow, the 4-5 months I had the pleasure of working with Danielle Kettlewell was truly amazing thanking her beyond this world. I totally recommend her and her work 100% whoever has the chance to be coached by her you are truly blessed. What Danielle taught me will not be wasted as it will be with me forever and I will continue to grow so much in the future because of her ever so positive ways always looking at things e.g. problems/struggles that I would have never looked at them in the light that she did! You can not be taught this by your friends this is something professionals do. I have learnt so much about myself. My inner self was waiting to be healed, forgiven and to forgive others. Thank you Danielle Kettlewell. I am forever grateful to you and your work, my heart is full of so much gratitude.

–Ebby; Wellington, NZ

Hi my name is Danielle

I am an Olympian, Author, Speaker and Coach that has created that life for myself and now others too! With my special “CLARITY” formula I help find the gifted passions inside of you and narrow down what you can do & how to take practical steps to creating that life in the next year.

I combine the soul work or connecting with your intuition and gifts within you together with the practical plan and tangible steps to create this life.

What we work through to achieve these results you, may ask?

"Ask yourself this when you face fear of going after something: What will I regret more? Trying? - or not trying because I was afraid?"

-Danielle Kettlewell

You passion matters, your pursuit is worthy, YOU ARE CAPABLE!

From the book, "The Unlikely Olympian" by Danielle Kettlewell

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BurntOut Nurse to Medical Mental Health Advocate & Cosmetic Nurse

I’ve had the pleasure to have been working with DK for almost a year now. Not only has she helped me transform my life, she has taught me how to truly love myself. Before discovering the amazing life I live now, I was stuck- in a funk- creatively, emotionally, physically and out of touch with my soul. Throughout the process of learning, DK provided me with life changing tools and a wealth of knowledge to help me shift me through old patterns and self limiting beliefs.

Now, almost a year into my journey, I am the strongest I have ever been. I have a drive for life. I have passion, happiness and an abundance of love for myself and everything that life brings. There are so many exciting opportunities coming up for me in the future and I’m ready more than ever to continue to grow, live and love.

Serial Dreamer to Podcaster & Event Organiser

I met Danielle with a brain full of ideas, a life full of destructions not knowing where to even begin or trust that I could make any of that a reality.

When I met Danielle I would have called myself a dreamer and let other people’s opinion of what life ‘should be’ shape how I lived my days.

After knowing Danielle I have shifted almost everything that had been stopping me for 33 years.

DK literally helped me with systems, actions and was patient while we understood what it was that my heart, my gut and my soul mission on this earth is.


There is no confusion in why I have the gifts I do, why I have faced any challenges I have or why the timing is now to make a change.

Danielle helped me to create a clear path of the actions I need to take, daily, weekly, monthly and so on to be living the life I know I am capable of. Her years of experience in being a young women with a dream and a story of achieving those dreams makes me know if she can do it, so can I!

Danielle has helped me in becoming clear on my message, starting a podcast and having my very first event for over 170 women.


What I have created in this world is no doubt here because Dk allowed all of the steps in helping me be Becky Felstead the brand instead of Becky Felstead, the confused.