This is a 10-Week program for spiritually-minded Women to reclaim their self-worth so they can feel EMPOWERED and INSPIRED to be the woman they’ve always looked up to.

This is about CLAIMING your self-worth so you can manifest new opportunities into your life, attract supportive & loving relationships, and fall in love with who you see in the mirror.

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Activation The Mastermind

Activate & Amplify your Business to support the life you love. Small group of women who are ready to move the needle on their business, take it to the next level with ease, pleasure, energetics and joy.

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Access and Express Your HIGHEST SELF!

The solution that you have been looking for to help you get CLEAR on what you want to do with your lifeFIGURE out what is your PURPOSE, and MAKE a plan to bring it to fruition in 16 WEEKS!

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Quantum Mindset for Magnetic Manifestations

A potent 4 Week Program combining cultivating an Olympic Mindset with understanding the quantum field to become a Magnetic Manifestor!

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Get ready for a total BODY LIBERATION

Devotion is a 33-day guided mirror work journey to deep body love and appreciation with the support of community all around you.

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Learn How to Bring Those Desires into Reality!

Get instant access to Manifesting How-To videos, which you can access from your smartphone!

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21-Day Guided Tapping To Reclaim Your Self-Worth

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a simple yet powerful tool to help rewire your subconscious. In this mini-program you will be moving through 21 Days of Guided Tapping for reclaiming your self-worth. You can do this during WORTHY or use it when the program is over - but this powerful process will teach you how to let go and rewire any of the feelings that aren’t serving you!

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Subliminal Audios

These subliminal audios ranging from self love to confidence, helping with anxiety to connecting with your spirit guides are 1 HOUR long audios that you can listen to while falling asleep that will help in the REWIRE PROCESS to shift your subconscious programming!

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Morning Magic

11 Days of Guided Audio Morning Routine. This is the perfect little mini-course to guide you through how to create a morning routine that works for you! Whether you are completely new at this OR you're just wanting to spice up your morning routine - you will LOVE this!

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Full Moon Ceremony

Get INSTANT access to ALL of Danielle's full moon meditations. Use the recordings to guide you as you live in sync with the full moon cycles and give yourself some space to release on each full moon.

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