Danielle Kettlewell

Olympian. Author. Speaker. Coach

Remembering your profound worthiness so you can manifest your dreams <3

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Hey, I'm Danielle

You can call me DK :)

When I was 23 I manifested the most incredible goal of my life - becoming an Olympic Synchronised Swimmer for Australia and competing at the 2016 Rio Games. I never thought I was the girl that would be able to do something that magnificent. Growing up I struggled with my weight, confidence and self belief so to have become an Olympian and spent 5 years on the Australian Team truly felt like a miracle. 

I vowed to myself to use my journey, my gift from the Universe of achieving this miraculous feat, to help others manifest their grandest dreams as well. This lead me to writing my book - "The Unlikely Olympian," and ignited my speaking, coaching & spiritual entrepreneur journey. 



I believe that there is greatness in all of our souls. A greatness that is calling us to rise to a higher vibration and live in our purpose to start to shift the consciousness of this planet. 

Now I heart-centred women with big dreams find clarity in their life, step into their highest vibration and live in their purpose. 

So welcome you divine soul - thank you for being here. I hope to bring light, inspiration and authenticity to your life to help you live at your highest potential.

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