March 19th & 21st, 2024 @ 4pm PST

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MINDSET like a woman . . .

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In this workshop you will learn:

  • ✅ the embodiment practice to alchemise your frustrations and shift it into magnetism
  • ✅ how to identify the real block that is holding you back that no one is telling you
  • ✅ how to listen to your feminine intuition to guide you to your aligned direction


after attending this 2 day workshop you may experience:

🔥 magical downloads as to your next direction

🔥 beautiful connections with other woman that make your heart sing

🔥 feeling like you are riding a natural high of excitement

🔥 massive acceleration in your motivation and energy

🔥 a deep understanding of parts of yourself you didn’t see before

🔥 multiple AH-HA moments + downloads


Danielle Reedy (commonly referred to as DK) is an Olympian, Author, Speaker & Coach.

After quantum leaping into the surreal reality of competing at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games as part of Australia’s Synchronised Swimming Team she felt her soul calling her to share her impossible journey with the world.

Danielle’s first book, “The Unlikely Olympian,” was revealed to the world last year as she was finishing off 18 year career as an athlete. After 5 years on the National Team, an Olympics, 3 World Championships & making history as competing as Australia’s First Mixed Duet in 2019, she felt the call to pivot from the sporting world & dive full time into inspiring and coaching other women. 2020 was the year that she was originally planning to attend her second Olympic Games, however her soul pulled her down a different path of moving to Bali and sharing her story, wisdom, inspiration, energy & learnings with the world.

DK now is a women’s empowerment coach using the pillars of self worth and mindset to help women shift their lives through her coaching, retreats and programs.

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