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$300 USD for 2 x 1:1 90 Minute Coaching Calls with Danielle

If you are wanting more 1:1 time to support you through this course - feel free to book a 1:1 call with me. This will be personalised to you to give you deeper support that you are requiring. 

This will be paid in 2 Monthly x $150 USD Payments.

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Intention: 8 week course for women to truly dive into their healing so that they can up level their worth, self love & their life

Weekly Breakdown:

  • Week 1: Opening + Intention
  • Week 2: Inner Child Healing
  • Week 3: Ancestral Healing
  • Week 4: Womanhood Healing
  • Week 5: Forgiveness + Releasing
  • Week 6: Body Love + The Feminine
  • Week 7: Reclaiming our Pleasure
  • Week 8: Falsifying our Fears
  • Week 9: Closing Ceremony


What People Are Saying:

WORTHY was a truly beautiful experience. At the start of the course all I could think of was 'I just want to be happy'. I felt energetically drained from giving soo much of myself to others, and I didnt quite know the best way back to 'me'. The course gave me some really valuable tools to not only understand myself & my needs better, but to put those into practise and create a much more nourished, balanced & happy life. What I also found soo special was the supportive community I gained. Sharing the expereince together helped show us all how similar we all really were... that none of us were alone in our struggles, and together we could create magic! I have now since ended the course having quit a toxic job, created a fresh new business, and walking through life inspired and hopeful for what is to come. Thank you soo much Danielle for all the work you do, you are a true earth angel xx

Krystal - Perth, Austral

Before starting WORTHY, I struggled a lot with feelings of unworthiness, negative self-talk, insecurity, and just all around feeling not good enough. I’ve been through a lot in this life and have always been very hard on myself. I debated doing this course at first, and I’m so glad I decided to go through with it! Through this process I have learned so much about myself, and have healed and grown from so many past pains and traumas that I had been putting off for years because I hadn’t felt strong enough yet. With the support and guidance from Danielle (and the other beautiful women in this group!), I truly feel stronger and more worthy than ever. Healing and loving my inner child, having more compassion for myself now, expressing those uncomfortable emotions, so much forgiveness, and radical self acceptance and self love, are just a few things I’ve gained through this experience. I’ve noticed a definite inner shift from where I was when I started to where I am now, even friends and family have noticed this change in me. It was beautiful seeing this similar shift (both internal and external) in the other women as well! I don’t want to even imagine where I would be if I had decided not to do this course. It has felt like I was able to finally finish a huge chapter in my life and I’m finally ready to move forward. I feel so blessed to have found Danielle this year, she is such a bright and beautiful soul who cares deeply, has so much love to give and wisdom to share! I will cherish these 8 weeks of WORTHY for the rest of my life.💗

Mackenzie - Iowa, USA

I was at a place where I wasn’t as confident in the workplace as I could’ve been and learning how to overcome that energetically has literally gotten me exactly what I wanted this semester. Ive also learned so many tools to help my friends when they are open to it. At this point- I have new amazing friends from the program, I have been inspired to be more in tune with myself, I’m a little better with my intuition, I know how to let go of things and heal myself as needed, and I’ve improved in general so much. I’m much more confident in the workplace and I’m able to tune back into my 5D mindset after my day to manifest and create more of my ideal reality.

Zoe - Wisconsin, USA

Worthy’ has truly been a transformative experience. With the powerful support of Danielle and a group of amazing woman I have began living my life for me again. Worthy has given me the tools to continue my journey in becoming my highest self while loving my present and past self in the process. Through ‘Worthy’ I have realized what the power of 8 weeks can do in my life and can’t wait to continue this trajectory and see what can be accomplished in a year. Danielle had a beautiful way of helping me take ownership of my own growth while always being there to guide me to see my own truth. Coming into Worthy I was at an extremely low point in my life, but I wouldn't accept it. I was living everyday for other people and no longer saw myself as a person worthy enough to be considered. Through the program I learnt how powerful I am because of my past experiences, how they have shaped my life and how crucial they were in helping me become everything I am today. I learnt how important it is to love myself and how much more i can achieve and help others when I am fulfilled myself. On the completion of the course, I see glimpses of my higher self every day. I am in control and I have tools to help me when I lose grip of that control or forget to prioritise myself. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime and have met amazing people from all walks of life. Our journey is one that lasts a lifetime but, in 8 weeks I have grown and achieved more than I could imagine. My self-love, confidence and trust in myself have taken exponentials leaps and I wake up in complete gratitude for the lessons, love and joy each new day will bring

Liv - New Zealand

Worthy completely changed my life! I love working with Danielle and I will work with her, if I can, FOREVER! She is just so amazing, giving, loving, and intelligent! Her programs really help me become the highest version of myself!

Medina - Boston, USA