$297.00 USD



PAY in 2 PAYMENTS @ $149 USD/M

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the calibrateur is an 11 belief blasting blitz to let you finally access your next level.

this is a program where I am in there with you LIVE daily using different tools, techniques and energetic strategies to permanently rewire your subconscious!

 DATES: JULY 3rd - JULY 17th

What we focus on:

▶  1-2 sticky beliefs that you haven't been able to shake

▶ daily practices to shift your subconscious, energy and shadow attachments to this belief


▶ this isn't me teaching you theories to go do on your own

▶ this isn't fully woo woo sparkly air


What is included:

⇨ 11 Live Group Calls w/ DK over 3 weeks

⇨ WhatsApp Community Support

⇨ Access to the program for 6 months