From Average to Olympian

This E-Book/Workbook needs to be shared with the Athlete world! As an athlete quite often you’re talking about skill. Talent, the things that you need to do to improve. These are all extremely important but one of the most vital aspects of being an athlete is understanding how to master your MIND! I went from an average, under talented synchro swimmer in the end of 2013 to competing at the Olympic Games in 2016. What set me apart WASN’T my skill, it was my mind! So after retiring from my sport after 18 years in the game, 5 years on the National Team, 3 World Championships & and Olympics I felt called to share my mental tips with you! In this eBook & 3 part Video Series you will learn: INTENTION SETTING How to set goals in a way that is achievable and specific to YOU Going beyond the just the common SMART goals technique & harnessing the power in you to truly succeed COMPETITION PREPARATION Understanding the importance of having a pre competition ritual to consistently perform at your peak when show time comes Through sharing my ritual I show you how to create one that works for you Not only that but also specific techniques to get in the right mind frame to perform & compete at your best every single time MINDSET HACKS Working you through my REFOCUS technique This is a tool that every athlete needs in their toolbox! Make sure you get your hands on it now or share it with a friend. I want to see all athletes, in synchro and beyond soar into their goals for 2020!

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