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Are you interested in finding your soul's mission & manifesting the life of your dreams?


If you KNOW that you are here for great things, but you just don’t know WHAT it is, or HOW to go about it, then this beautiful program is for YOU!

Do You Relate To:

πŸ˜” Feeling unsatisfied and unmotivated with where you are in life and wanting to make a change?

πŸ˜” Being inspired but confused with all the talk about following your passion, yet don't know what your passion is?

πŸ˜” Having a deep desire to make a positive impact on this planet but being confused about how to make that happen and WHERE to start?

πŸ˜” Wanting to know how to use energy, manifestation to align your life and clear your blockages but just not knowing HOW?

πŸ˜” Knowing that you are a soul living a human experience and deeply wanting to figure out what that is for you?

πŸ˜” Having made small steps in the direction of doing what you love, but it just continues to not work out and you don’t know why?

πŸ˜” Knowing that you are special, you have something to offer this world and desiring guidance to make that happen?

If this is you, then The Clarity Code is calling your name, my love!

The Clarity Code is a comprehensive 16-week program for the spiritual soul to connect with their divine soul mission and learn how to manifest it into reality.

This program has the support, love, care, and accountability that you need to actually and FINALLY take a leap into your life.

The Clarity Code is a combination of:

βœ”οΈ Online videos to watch.

βœ”οΈ Workbook exercises.

βœ”οΈ Fortnightly group calls.

βœ”οΈ Online community support.

βœ”οΈ Incredible guest speakers.

βœ”οΈ Powerful reprogramming weeks.

“Your life is as possible as your belief & your aligned action”
– Danielle Kettlewell

About Me & Why I Created TCC


The Clarity Code is the program that I wish that I had 10 years ago when I was deeply searching for my purpose.

You see, I always felt the fire inside me that I had something great to offer the world. Something inside me knew that I was here to live life differently, go against the grain & make my impact on the planet—I just never knew what that was.

That fire inside me was never witnessed for years because I struggled so deeply with my confidence and self-belief—I didn’t know if I would ever be able to make it possible. Then the universe threw a spanner in the works and shook up my life.

For years I did synchronised swimming, but I never thought I would make anything of myself in the sport. I wasn’t the best athlete or the most talented but I did have a great attitude, work ethic and truly loved my sport.

In 2013 my life was turned upside down when I received a bad concussion forcing me to drop out of university and question everything in my life. Who I was? Who I wanted to be? What I really wanted from my life? What impact I actually wanted to make?

Then the most incredible thing happened: Through my dual Canadian/Australian citizenship, I was offered the opportunity to try out for the Aussie National Synchronised Swimming Team to help the team get to the Olympics. The chances of me getting on the team and to the Games were so small but I felt like this was my chance to live differently and do something amazing.

All of the odds were against me because of my lack of talent, concussion, and being out of the sport for a few years—but

determination, work ethic, and mindset

were my best friends and I went after this dream with my whole heart.

Completely leaving my life behind, I moved to Australia to go 100% all-in on a dream. In 2016, I made that dream a reality and competed at the Rio Olympic Games for Australia. I ended up competing on the National Team for 5 years, going to 3 World Championships, an Olympics, and ending my career making history in my sport for Australia.

I knew this journey was bigger than me, and I promised myself that if I made it to the Olympics, I would share my story and my knowledge of how we can all step up and manifest our biggest dreams.

The Clarity Code brings together the masculine energy of mindset and leaning into fears with the feminine softness of connecting with our intuition, creativity, spirituality, and soul for you to find yourself and get clear on YOUR soul's mission!

“Our life is a tapestry constantly giving us the ingredients for the recipe for our destiny. Open your heart, your soul, your intuition. You have all the answers that you need
– Danielle Kettlewell

This program is a combination of Online Videos, Group Calls, Guest Speakers, Office Hours & Healing Circles. The Clarity Code is the ULTIMATE combination of the personal development work to identify your blocks along with the spiritual work of connecting with and healing your soul.

POD CALLS: Fortnightly

  • Helping us move through each module's content.
  • Connecting with each other in the community on our journey.
  • Moving through deep healing meditations & exercises.
  • Asking for any help you need. You will be broken down into 1 of 3 PODs that work best for your timezone/schedule.

OFFICE HOURS: Fortnightly

  • On the weeks that there aren’t POD calls there will be office hours on Zoom for you to jump into if you have any questions you want to be answered or help with.


  • 8 Modules of online learning broken down in a fun & manageable matter for you to work through at your own pace within the 2 weeks with the aligned sections workbook.
  • You will have access to your own Online Learning Portal for you to access the videos on your computer or phone.

HEALING CIRCLES: 2 x within Program

  • This is a daily LIVE Zoom Call & healing meditation, mantra & subconscious reprogramming each day leading up into the full moon to release any beliefs, feelings, or emotions that aren’t serving you.
  • If you cannot join live, all meditations will be recorded for you to watch afterward.

GUEST SPEAKERS - 1 x ea. section

Each section will have a guest speaker in an area that aligns with that section:

  • Section 1 - Human Design Expert
  • Section 2 - Hypnotherapist
  • Section 3 - Breathwork Practitioner
  • Section 4 - Prosperity Consciousness


Building a Business Online Basics Masterclass

  • Having built my own business online in the past year and a half I want to share with you EVERYTHING that I wish that I knew when I started!
  • We will be talking about logistics & the energetics of building online!


$1111 USD

  • 16 Weeks Access to FB Community
  • 8 x Modules of Powerful Content
  • 8 x Live Pod Calls Coaching Calls
  • 8 x Office Hour Calls
  • 4 x Guest Speakers
  • 2 x Daily Healing Circles
  • Lifetime Program Access


$222 USD/m

  • 16 Weeks Access to FB Community
  • 8 x Modules of Powerful Content
  • 8 x Live Pod Calls Coaching Calls
  • 8 x Office Hour Calls
  • 4 x Guest Speakers
  • 2 x Daily Healing Circles
  • Lifetime Program Access


$111 USD/m

  • 16 Weeks Access to FB Community
  • 8 x Modules of Powerful Content
  • 8 x Live Pod Calls Coaching Calls
  • 8 x Office Hour Calls
  • 4 x Guest Speakers
  • 2 x Daily Healing Circles
  • Lifetime Program Access

What past participants say about The Clarity Code


If you’ve made it THIS far down the page you’re probably SUPER KEEN and extremely interested in this program.


You wouldn't have done it if you didn't feel your soul calling you in this way.

I encourage you to lean in, take a leap for yourself and WATCH the MAGIC happen in your life!

The value, heart-centered energy, guidance and support in this program is like NO OTHER!


AND you will receive LIFETIME access as long as this program is out to the world—after purchasing you will have access to it to reference for all future revisions.