#46 - Burned Out Employee to Thriving Biz Owner in 1 Year w/ Krystal Hudson

Episode #46

1 Year ago Krystals life was very different. She reached out to me as a stressed, overwhelmed "desk dreamer" and serial aspiring entrepreneur with nothing that ever came to fruition. She reached out to me desperate to change her life and live the dream that she saw others living everyday when scrolling Instagram. Today she is LIVING that dream we laid out for her!


About Krystal:

Krystal Hudson is a Virtual Assistant & Online Business Manager based in Perth, Western Australia. After investing in herself and committing to the journey of not only 1on1 coaching but Worthy as well, she completely transformed her life from unhappy, unfulfilled & desperate to escape the corporate 9-5, to a successful business owner, with her own assistant! Her dream was to have a life of freedom, doing work wherever & whenever she wanted to; and all while making a positive impact on the world. And in a year, she created a life not even she imagined was possible. Now working with incredible dream clients from all over the world, in a way that allows her to enjoy the life she has created, she is loving every second of it and determined to spread the word of her journey in the hopes to inspire others to dive into the deep work, and go after their dream life too.  



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