The Beautiful Souls Podcast

The Beautiful Souls Podcast

Hosted by: Danielle Kettlewell

The Beautiful Souls Podcast is where Danielle Kettlewell - Olympian, Author, Speaker & Coach - shares authentically & openly all things from manifestation, energy & spirituality to mindset, goals & how...

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#49 - Portals to Manifesting our Highest Self

Episode #49

oooooo this one is coming in HOT my friends!!  Are you wanting to just frigging BE in that dream life you are manifesting?! Are you wanting to just BE that highest version of you?! Are you wanting to LIVE this...
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#48 - Manifesting & Having a Thriving Relationship with your Soulmate - Emmy Hernandez

Episode #48

If you are a soul that has either been dying to manifest your soulmate OR you are wanting to let your current relationship space to THRIVE - this episode is for you. We dive into everything from tactical steps in...
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#47 - Delayed Manifestation Results w/ Luka Reedy

Episode #47

Do you ever sit there and just wonder - "when the HECK are my manifestations just going to walk into my life?" Or maybe you are frustrated it is taking so damn long. Or you are wanting everything you desire YESTERDAY....
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#46 - Burned Out Employee to Thriving Biz Owner in 1 Year w/ Krystal Hudson

Episode #46

1 Year ago Krystals life was very different. She reached out to me as a stressed, overwhelmed "desk dreamer" and serial aspiring entrepreneur with nothing that ever came to fruition. She reached out to me desperate to...
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#45 - 11 Lessons from 2 Years of Dream Chasing

Episode #45

Holy dooley! Two Years ago in October 2019 Luka and I landed in Bali with a sparkle in our eyes and a bold heart to go after our dreams of working online and changing the world. Hot DAYUM friends has it been a ride. I...
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#44 - Be PROACTIVE with your Mental Health

Episode #44

This is for those of yall that get the down days (which is ALL of us!). I got this sudden reminder this week of the importance of being PROACTIVE with my mental health. So allow this podcast to be your little poke in...
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#43 - You are your Greatest Psychic & Healer

Episode #43

Are you someone that is always looking for the next best course, healer, psychic or card reader? Are you always hanging onto the words of what they say and tell you even if it doesn't always feel the best? This...
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#42 - Your Personal Pep Talk: For a Hard Day

Episode #42

One of the things that I used to listen to when I was leading up to the Olympic Team Trials was these Youtube Pep Talks. I absolutely LOVEEDD them and they seriously IGNITED something within me! And I know we all need...
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#41 - Gratitude Meditation

Episode #41

For when you are wanting a slice of peace and bliss in your life - listen to this little meditation & it will get you there ...
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#40 - Meditation, Manifestation, Mindset & More w/ Mahima

Episode #40

In this podcast we chat with Mahima. Mahima was born and raised in Zimbabwe but has spent her whole adult life travelling around the world teaching her unique brand of Mindful Leadership. Since 1997 Mahima and her...
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#39 - Cultivating Internal Success w/ Luka Reedy

Episode #39

I brought in my sexy & beautiful fiancé for this one amigos because I know this is an important conversation to have. I think society puts value on the wrong version of success - so we're here to flip that on its...
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#38 - Stop Living For Others Opinions of You

Episode #38

To be honest guys - I’m actually really scared to for this podcast. But the irony of it all is that is why I need to share it even more.   May this podcast help you in your life to live for you - live in your truth...
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