The Beautiful Souls Podcast

The Beautiful Souls Podcast

Hosted by: Danielle Kettlewell

The Beautiful Souls Podcast is where Danielle Kettlewell - Olympian, Author, Speaker & Coach - shares authentically & openly all things from manifestation, energy & spirituality to mindset, goals & how...

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#37 - The Best Way to Receive Answers

Episode #37

Have you ever just wanted the answer - to know what an outcome will be in your life? To know where to go? What to do? What decision to make? Well my loves - this podcast is for you. Because so many of us spend soooo...
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#36 - Honour Your Inner Seasons for Energetic Upgrades

Episode #36

So my loves, this download for this podcast came through to me a few days ago as I noticed the shift in my own inner season. Feeling that call to move from a summer to a winter season. And in turn I can feel my energy...
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#35 - Use FEAR to Energetically Expand

Episode #35

For any of you that get crippled by fear and completely have you life HELD back because of that fear - this episode is for you. We go into understand the frequency of FEAR and how that emotion, when aligned with our...
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#34 - Why I Created WORTHY

Episode #34

February 2021 I put out a problem into the world that was hot on my heart for years. Something I knew that was brewing inside of me. Something that I was calling forward. For many years I didn't put it out because I...
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#33 - Complete Life Transformation in 6 Months w/ Karla Olson

Episode #33

Trigger Warning - we cover topics of abuse and suicide in this episode that may be triggering to some ❤️   In the episode I speak to the most loving care bear of them all, a beautiful soul herself and a soul that...
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#32 - Why Women Need to be More Selfish

Episode #32

If you are a women that puts everyone before herself - you need to listen to this podcast. I want you to truly and deeply understand the POWER that comes from starting to truly put yourself first in your life! It will...
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#31 - Morning Meditation

Episode #31

This simple yet beautiful morning meditation will be a powerful tool for YOU to start your day on the right foot. You will love this meditation and listen to it whenever you need!    3-PART Self Worth...
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#30 - Living in Your Authentic Light w/ Julie Wobbe

Episode #30

In this episode I interview one of the beautiful souls that has been on a journey through my last few programs and has incredible shifts in her life. Julie is an absolute light warrior - going from showing up in the...
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#29 - How I Manifested Everything I Desire In A Year

Episode #29

I recently found a piece of paper that in August 2020, I wrote down EVERYTHING that I desired to manifest by August 2021. When I found this the other day I was literally in shock because I just realised that sooo much...
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#28 - The Mindset Hack that Will Change Your Life

Episode #28

This simple mindset hack will honestly change everything for you. We are talking about the meanings that we make out of things and how to make those meanings work in FAVOUR with the life that you are choosing to live....
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#27 - Life Changing Accident, NDE, Internalised Ableism & More w/ Mackenzie Wollenzien

Episode #27

Strap in for this incredible episode with Mackenzie - an incredible soul that has been in my programs the past year who has overcome unbelievable adversity in her life. As soon as I knew I was creating a podcast, I...
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#26 - Who Are You Living For?

Episode #26

I'm calling all your PEOPLE PLEASERS? The ones that have decided to stay so deeply in their comfort zone because you are scared of what other people will think of you? Those of you that are living your life by the...
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