#40 - Meditation, Manifestation, Mindset & More w/ Mahima

Episode #40

In this podcast we chat with Mahima. Mahima was born and raised in Zimbabwe but has spent her whole adult life travelling around the world teaching her unique brand of Mindful Leadership. Since 1997 Mahima and her team have developed a world-class Personal Growth Academy, which has evolved into what is today known as The Mahima Mindset. The Mahima Mindset helps people find and live their higher purpose. The multi-award winning speaker has given workshops at such prestigious companies as Google, UBS Bank, The Global Fund and Mindvalley’s epic Afest. Mahima is the first Black Self Mastery Mentor to have spoken at The Harvard Club of Boston in July 2018. She is currently featured on leading meditation apps like Omvana, Insight and Mindbliss. Mahima has received The Swiss Enterprise Award 2017 for Best Meditation Coach among many other international awards for her trainings. Mahima has done over 10,000 hours of meditation practice and to date has helped transform the lives of over 19,241 people with her highly acclaimed creations, “The Inner Peace Formula” and “The Own Your Superstar” trainings.

I know you will all love this conversation & deeply feel the resonance of her love and passion for what she does & what she teaches.


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