#43 - You are your Greatest Psychic & Healer

Episode #43

Are you someone that is always looking for the next best course, healer, psychic or card reader? Are you always hanging onto the words of what they say and tell you even if it doesn't always feel the best?

This podcast is to remind you to take your POWER back! That you ultimately have free will and there is no-one that has more power than you in your life.


If you are wanting support on your healing journey to heal yourself for a limited time I am offering 1:1 High Priestess Healing Sessions (HPH).

HPH is a combination of Reiki & Accupuncture and is a modality that was channeled through by Dr. Amanda Cohen & Jenn Kosh to aid people in deeper healing even if your practitioner isn't in the same physical location as you. With Reiki there is certain symbols used to bridge time and space & using the meridians practitioners send energy to the points that need it the most in the body based on your intention.


Reasons you may be called to do a HPH Session:

  • to aid in releasing physical and/or chronic pain
  • support you in healing & releasing emotional and mental pain
  • move from scarcity + fear into abundance and trust
  • open up your internal vision + connection to your to your intuitive wisdom
  • nourishing and support your body in receiving if you are suffering from depression, anxiety or stress
  • release emotional pain to step deeper into your genius
  • activate you to live in your own life's purpose


These sessions are offered for a limited time due to my capacity & depending on when you are listening to this may not still be available. 

BOOK HERE if you are interested.


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