5 Ways to Calm Your Nervous System During COVID-19

motivation Mar 19, 2020

This is a bit crazy time to be alive isn’t it?

We are in the midst of history in the making. Although there are moments, days and hours when it feels scary – we need to hold onto the HOPE & BELIEF that we WILL be okay. We will rise up, stronger and more aligned than before.

However, during this time while the world is shifting and collective consciousness is slipping into a fear mindset, it is SOO incredibly important that we stay calm, grounded and hopeful – for our nervous system, for our HEALTH and for our mindset.

So I want to share with you a few things to help you ground yourself in calm and positive energy during this time.

1. Deep Breathing

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Make sure you are BREATHING DEEPLY! When we are in more of a fear state quite often we are not properly breathing. Take a few moments each day to breath deeply, calm your nervous system & your mind.

A great daily resource is checking out the 02 Awakenings Daily LIVE Breathwork on Instagram!

2. Earthing

If you can, get your feet in the earth to ground you into the energy of this planet. It is extremely helpful for your health, vitality, inflammation and your nervous system.

Check out the quick benefits here!

3. Mindfulness

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This is as much a time as ANY to really dive into your mindfulness practices! Take a few moments each day to learn to MEDITATE and then journal about how you are feeling, if anything came through and where your mind is at.

An amazing couple FREE Apps to Learn to Meditate with are Simple Habit, Insight Timer, Headspace & Calm.

4. Disconnect from the News

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It can feel like you need to stay glued to the news for the latest updates, but overconsumption of that negative media can have a serious effect on your nervous system. If you feel like you need to keep up to date every day then make sure you MONITOR the amount of time that you are watching it. The news IS informing us but it is also spreading fear, and that can have a negative effect on your nervous system. So as much as you can, disconnect and switch that station to something UPLIFTING on Netflix or Youtube!

5. Feed Your Mind with Positivity

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Focusing on the GOOD in humanity will not only give you and us all HOPE but it will ALSO remind your nervous system of the safety that you ARE exiting within. Feed your mind with positivity. Maybe that might be watching comedy, an uplifting documentary, reading a soulful book, or joining a program or challenge that is going to help you grow into a greater version of yourself after all of this.

We all have more time on our hands now, and it is a beautiful gift from the universe to do the things that we have just been putting off because we didn’t have the time before.

If you are wanting to use this time to grow your mind and take a step in a different career and life direction AFTER this is over – I HAVE something for you my beautiful friends.


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