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Learning to Love Yourself

My journey of self-love. Oh boy! This is a hard one to write about because I am still in the thick of it all. I’m daily working on stepping away from self-hatred, judgement and unkindness and constantly working toward dousing myself with positivity from within. Somedays are better than others and it can be a massive struggle sometimes but in honour of being honest and baring it all in my truth bombs I thought it is all worthy of sharing.

If you have followed a few of these, you would...

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Picture Unperfect

Here we go again friends –  another update in the truth bomb life of DK. I have a feeling this one might resonate with a few people.

Pictures. Photos. Moments captured in time – whatever you like to call them. Being 100% real with you quite often I get nervous to get my picture taken. I know this may seem bizarre considering that you see all of the pictures of me plastered across my Instagram and website. But what you probably don’t know is that each picture triggers a...

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