Learning to Love Yourself

My journey of self-love. Oh boy! This is a hard one to write about because I am still in the thick of it all. I’m daily working on stepping away from self-hatred, judgement and unkindness and constantly working toward dousing myself with positivity from within. Somedays are better than others and it can be a massive struggle sometimes but in honour of being honest and baring it all in my truth bombs I thought it is all worthy of sharing.

If you have followed a few of these, you would probably see a general theme of internal struggle throughout. Whether that be about my weight, figurelife decisions or regrets there’s a constant battle with working on being kind to who I truly am. And I know I am not the only one in this world that feels this way – just somehow, I am brave enough to share with the crazy bizarre and fantastical world of the Internet.

I never want to portray myself as some guru with all the answers because I am not. I am constantly making mistakes, learning and working on improving every single day. Through all that I thought I would share some things that have positively helped me see the lightness in all of the judgement that is self-doubt, hatred and criticism. At the same time (because I am no guru) I would love to hear some things that maybe help you? Or even if you think there is something that I can do better – I am open to being challenged. So here goes nothing:


  1. Social Media Cull: Now I don’t mean deleted all of your friends off Instagram. What I do mean is get rid of stalking all those people that don’t make you feel good. Don’t get me wrong I love having a good stalk of the Kardashians and those celebrities that live in an alternate universe of “perfect” reality – but it just doesn’t feel good. Is seeing another photo of a half-naked bod laying sensually beside a pool with a beautiful background reeaaallyy going add value to my life? Um… probably not friends. So click Unfollow! And cull! The good things about all those accounts is you are having a moment where you just wanna have a good filthy stalk of those people – You still can! Almost all of them have public accounts. You just don’t need those messages popping up everytime you open the app.
  2. Let in the Positive: On the other hand of that cull – go and search out some people you truly truly resonate with. Whether that be body positive, healthy fitspo, motivational or just fucking real humans that messages make you feel GOOD! We are living in a world where, despite being constantly inundated with media, we actually can CONTROL a good portion of what we see. USE that power!!! Here are some that I follow that make me FEEL good for so many different reasons when I open Instagram:
    1. @ownitbabe
    2. @petajean_
    3. @honeylovesorg
    4. @iammelwells
    5. @melissaambrosini
    6. @loriharder
    7. @cori_fit
    8. @jennakutcher
  3. Journaling:This is something that has stemmed from being an athlete and journaling daily about my training session but writing down your own thoughts about everyday life, thoughts and feelings is so important too. Don’t worry, I get it. Not everyone can nor has the time to write every day. But even if you set time aside once a week write down your thoughts, get out of your head and most importantly write what you love about yourself. I know that for me writing positive affirmations like – I am strong, I am capable, I am confident – massively contributes to my life. I find the moments where I am getting down or wanting to beat myself up those words pop up in my head again to ground me. Learn to become your biggest cheerleader!
  4. Morning gratitude:Now this is something I try and do every morning but being real with you I forget sometimes because I’m human. As soon as I wake up while I lie in bed I list all the things that I am grateful to have in my life that goes beyond the regular. I am grateful to have healthy lungs that allow me to breathe, I am grateful for working feet to help walk me through my day, I am grateful to have the opportunity to live a country that is free and safe. Sometimes we get so caught up in our head chipping away at how we are not enough of this or that both physically and emotionally that we forget how lucky we truly are. I know everyone out there, no matter their situation has things to be grateful for. That practice of gratitude and pouring of positivity of love in your life slowly seeps into your mind through having love and gratitude for who you are.
  5. Surrounding yourself with people that build you up: Now this is a hard one for some people because we become so attached to those in our life, sometimes especially the people that are toxic for us. Try and make sure that the people you spend most of your time with make you walk away from those interactions feeling good. Whether they make you laugh, love you, hug you, support you, cheerlead you through life or are just a shoulder to cry on – make sure that they fuel YOUR soul. And be the same to those people in your life. Try and bring intention, meaning and love to your relationships in whichever way you bring that into your life. You are a reflection of the 5 people you surround yourself with the most– make sure you are proud of that reflection <3


Like I said before I am not guru or expert in self-love. I am solider in the battlefield sorting through all the shit to find that inner contentment just like you. I have days where these things make me as high as a kite and fuelled with love for who I am and other days where not a thing can adjust my mindset. We all have our good days and bad. We are human. We are allowed to feel sad, we are allowed to be upset but we are also allowed to have abundance – in happiness and self-love.


It’s constant and consistent work and I am here through it all with yah my fellow pioneer on the self-love ship into a new era. We got this <3


And remember – YOU, yes you – You are amazing, beautiful and worthy of self-love <3



Sending Love,




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