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Free Online Resources to Thrive & Survive Quarantine

It’s a crazy time to be alive. I know that we are all feeling that. As much as it has been intimidating, uncertain, and sometimes daunting I have noticed how so many leaders are rising up to truly serve from their heart and HELP people cope with the difficult days to come.

I felt so INCREDIBLY inspired by all the people doing amazing things for their communities' individuality that I wanted to collate the information so YOU can use what you need that will help you in the coming weeks!


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5 Ways to Calm Your Nervous System During COVID-19

motivation Mar 19, 2020

This is a bit crazy time to be alive isn’t it?

We are in the midst of history in the making. Although there are moments, days and hours when it feels scary – we need to hold onto the HOPE & BELIEF that we WILL be okay. We will rise up, stronger and more aligned than before.

However, during this time while the world is shifting and collective consciousness is slipping into a fear mindset, it is SOO incredibly important that we stay calm, grounded and hopeful...

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Rise and Grind?

motivation May 14, 2018

Sleep is for the weak. Just keep Hustling. You can sleep when you’re dead. Rise & Grind.

These are all things that I used to repeat to myself day in and day out for the past few years. I had to. I had to survive and push for my dream to come true. I couldn’t stumble and let the mountain of work defeat me. Being an elite athlete dedicating life to our sport we all just had to let our feet hit the pavement, close our eyes and keep pushing forward – no matter...

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