Free Online Resources to Thrive & Survive Quarantine

It’s a crazy time to be alive. I know that we are all feeling that. As much as it has been intimidating, uncertain, and sometimes daunting I have noticed how so many leaders are rising up to truly serve from their heart and HELP people cope with the difficult days to come.

I felt so INCREDIBLY inspired by all the people doing amazing things for their communities' individuality that I wanted to collate the information so YOU can use what you need that will help you in the coming weeks!

Health and Wellness

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Food and Recipes

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    • FREE Guide w/ supplements to help immunity & recipes to improve overall health during this time
  • Vegan Friendly Quarantine Meal Ideas for Families
    • Author in the making Anna Pipus has some great, easy, cheap and quarantine friendly vegan meal ideas during this time


  • INBODY FIT w/ Cam McDougall
    • INCREDIBLE value of 4 Weeks of Fitness & Coaching for $30 w/ ALL proceeds going to the food bank
      • Daily at home workouts, coaching, Breathwork and more from your personal quarantine!

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  • The Goddess Collective – 1 MONTH FREE MEMBERSHIP
    • Online Community talking about
      • Manifesting your Dreams, Conscious Relationships, Finding your Purpose, Creativity, Sex & pleasure, Menstrual Magic, Crystal Healing, Moonology & so Much MORE
  • Momentum Men’s Coaching Circle w/ Luka Reedy
    • 2 MONTHS FREE MEMBERSHIP during this time for Men to come together online and be guided through this difficult time Podcast Host, Crystal Healer and Energetic Mentor – Luka Reedy

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    • And INCREDIBLE Free document w/ valuable information for all small business owners and entrepreneurs to use this time to learn how to THRIVE

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    • If you are wanting to use this time to pivot your life, find your TRUE calling based on the unique gifts in YOU we are sharing this training completely for FREE w/ anyone who needs it!


Know that at this time, we have to LEAN on each other to get through. No matter if you are physically alone for the coming weeks you aren’t TRULY alone. As a global community we have each other’s back to support us ALL through this difficult time.

There is so much out there to help you through whatever avenue you need help with.

Have faith my friends, we SHALL pull through – we got this <3

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Sending you love and health,




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