A Letter to Perth

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2019

To the little-known city that, at 21 years old, I daringly moved to with a ferocious drive to create an impossible dream. I remember stepping off the plane with two suitcases wondering what on earth gave me the courage to move across the world to a city I barely knew. As I started to discover Perth I was underwhelmed. The slow-moving capital and lack of jammed pack action at the surface made me yearn for more. Each time we would travel away with the team and come back I struggled to call Perth home. It felt like a lie, a façade.

What I saw in the city was purely a reflection of the life I was living. Not being 1000% true to myself, my desires, my beliefs. Life was beautiful on the outside going after a dream, travelling the world, representing the country, doing it with my teammates that I loved – but in so many ways I wasn’t living in my highest truth. I was living on the surface, so that is all I saw in the city surrounding me.

After getting to grasp that impossible dream going to Rio, I knew I wanted to live a deeper life. A more meaningful one – whatever that meant to me.

I searched and searched on the top layers of life wondering why the ripples of the water couldn’t be felt from the ocean beneath.

Then it came to me, before I could find depth in my life, in my city – I needed to face the depth in myself. So, I started to strip back the facades within me, layer by layer. The more truth I found in myself, the more my environment, my people and the pockets of beauty within Perth reflected it back to me.

At first, it was scary. Fear creeped its way in as it always does and those limiting beliefs of mine tried to tell me that what I saw on the surface was all that existed – but I kept pushing forward. To be completely honest I am not 100% sure how I came to the beautiful life, with the divine opportunities and phenomenal humans that I left behind, but I do know as I set out on each day I had one intention; to allow myself to be authentically & courageously radiant. To open up, make some hard decisions and follow what feels good in my soul, no matter the humanistic fear that arrives.

As I was starting to peel back the layers inside of me, the environment and people surrounding me starting to radiate that beauty back to me. I slowly started to make new friends, discover new places and see everything else with a new set of glasses. My heart began to glow, and the opportunities and people started to flow my way opening myself up to the delightful serendipity of life when we start to exist in the energy of a feel good state. We exude the energy we want to attract, and the cyclical nature of the universe started to show me what is possible.

Leaving Perth, I am blown away at that energy I was able to foster through sticking to that truth within me. Not only am I leaving with a divine  and badass partner who sees me in my absolute truth and desires to take on the world with the same gusto for life, purpose, spirituality and meaning as I do; but I am also waving goodbye to a magical tribe of humans who have touched my soul.  

What I have taken the most from saying goodbyes and see you laters to everyone in Perth the last week is the imprint that I am, that me and Luka, are leaving behind. The amount of people that have reached out and let us both know the positive impacts that we have had on them through our experiences, vast or not, truly only reflects to me the power of living in your truth.

So, I share this in the hopes to resonate with at least one soul. Someone who is feeling the deafening loneliness that can come with living a surface level life that misaligns with your authentic truth when you know your soul craves for more.

Your environment is a reflection of the life, the truth and sometimes the wounds you do or don’t choose to face and heal.

I promise you that you can feel the bliss of a life that is in alignment, with people what fill your cup, in an environment that inspires you and a purpose that drives you – but you must face yourself in the mirror first.

Perth – you have challenged me and you have changed me. You have seen me at my highest highs and lowest lows. Many times coming home to you I feel like my heart was betraying you not truly feeling like I could call you my home. But you stuck by me as you saw me in some of my darkest hours and got me through. You chiselled me into an Olympian and you help cultivate the knowledge for my book.  You allowed me the sunshine, waves and nature to give me the space to fall in love with myself again. And your people showed me the power of a life with intention as serendipity flowed all of the perfect humans my way.  

I am so grateful for all of our ups and downs Perth. So even though I set out on the next adventure in this crazy beautiful life, I leave a piece of my heart with you knowing that you challenged me to step into the person that I needed to become for this next phase of life.

Thank you to every person who has been part of my journey on the Aussie West Coast for the past five years. From Synchro to WAIS to Uni to Work to my soul fam – every one of you has touched my life and allowed me to become the person who is brave enough to step into her next chapter.

I don’t know when we will be back and where life will be at that point, but I am so grateful that I got to call Perth home for a part of this journey we call life.

Peace out P-Town,



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