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Uncategorized Apr 08, 2018

Now that I have done a few of these now and you are all learning new things about me (that honestly terrifies me a little bit) I just wanted to check in.

My purpose for these blog posts (Or Blobs as my Mum says) are not to whine and complain about the struggles that I go through. By no means at all! Don’t confuse my honesty with whinging. For the most part, I love my life! I love living in Perth and having the freedom to be and do what I want, I love that I am finishing Uni and am not yet tied down by a 9-5 job, I love coaching and helping the future generations of synchro athletes develop their skills and inspire them to reach for their dreams. And all of that love and joy and happiness exists most of the time, but, and this isn’t an important but – my life isn’t filled with frolicking in the Perth sunshine, going out to brunch, coaching at competitions and smiling ear to ear 100% of the time. But who frigging life is?

A goal or a feeling that I have set for myself this year is to be authentically and courageously radiant. Now that might sound a little ‘who-ha fairy dust’ to you but that’s okay. A big part of that though is to be brave enough to peel back my layers and show the real me. The girl who coach’s synchro yet sometimes wonders why she is batshit crazy enough to like this ridiculous sport, the Olympian who is so proud of her accomplishments but often struggles thinking that she is worthy of them, the athlete who loves to exercise and cook but sometimes doesn’t like what she sees in the mirror. All of those layers are part of me.

I’ve always had my head in the clouds and my eyes on the stars believing that the impossible is possible for me. I love to weep when I hear inspirational stories, and ponder when I listen to motivational podcasts, I like to follow people online that uplift me and be a ray of sunshine for my friends that I am around. But being completely honest life isn’t always a magical rainbow with unicorns prancing around in our happy land, sometimes we struggle, sometimes we put our head down and grind and sometimes shitty things happen. And I am glad they do because the dips in the rollercoaster ride make you realize how beautiful the view is from the high points. It is okay to struggle, it is okay to have hard times, it is okay to not be happy 1000% of the time – that is life – and I think the more we are all honest about that the more we will strip down perfect filtered layers that hide the masks of the Gen X and Millennial generations.

I’ve been anxious to share my honesty because I thought people who think less of me, but then at the same time – I don’t want anyone to think my life is perfect because its not and no one’s is. But this is real, and this is me.

I hope yall have being enjoying this series and I encourage you to share a bit more honesty in your own lives <3

Peace out,



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