The End of the Beginning

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2018

For the last few monthswell honestly for the last couple years since the Games I have been contemplating what my  L I F E, journey and s y n c h r o   c a r e e r  looks like from here onward.

Right after I got back from Riomyself and my teammates were riding the emotional high of the games and of course continuing on to the next Olympics in Tokyo seemed like the only option.

The combination of chasing that feeling along with being completely lost as to what I wanted to do with my life from there onward, made me want to do it  A L L again. Taking the path of synchro, continuing on for the next  f o u r  years, as crazy as it may sound, is the easy road for me. I know what to expect, what to dowho I need to be and where I need to get to.

Going for the Olympics again is honourable, it is hard, and to any person seems like the

D R E A M.

I have spent the last little while trying to figure out  m y  path, m y  purpose and where I want to be – if that involves synchro or not.

My  E G O –

the part of me that loves the attentionthe glorythe perks and persistence would continue down the Olympic path as long as I my body could handle it.

But what I have realised recently – through a lot of soul searching is that

My H E A R T , my S O U L

doesn’t want that anymore.

I go out there and tell the  W O R L D  to

follow their passion,

lean into bliss,

do what sets their soul on fire


not allow fear to stop them from anything on their pursuit to fulfillment

so I know it is my responsibility to follow my own advice,

listen to my heart and do the same.

Synchro for me has been a journey of a lifetime – a path that has been more a b u n d a n t  than I could have ever known when I started almost 18 years ago. It has moulded me into the determined, hardworkinggoal orientedgoofy and passionate woman that I am today – but I know for sure that my epic adventure is coming to an end. To be the person that I know I am capable of being I need to  C L O S E  that chapter of my life on focus on what else I can give the world.

To my fellow teammates that are continuing on with the Olympic dream in their <3 heart <3 , I will be cheering you on every second of the way. It has been my great privilege and honour to be a small part of your journey. Know when the time comes, and you walk out there on stage in 2020 my heart will be glowing with pride for your accomplishments and people you became along the  j o u r n e y.

To everyone of my friends and families that have listened to my back and forth contemplation for months – thank you for your constant patience understanding and support. My love for all of you stretches across the oceans of this earth.

As much as part of me mourns the beautiful Olympic pursuit I am walking away from my heart is E C S T A T I C  for what is to come.

What fills me with joy in this moment is training with my duet partner Ethan and being beside him in the beginning of his path in the lead up to Worlds;

A D V O C A T I N G  for the beauty of my sport and sharing its glory with the world;

Having the presencefreedom and desire to spend more days with my feet in the  e a r t h  the my legs eggbeatering in the pool;

what fills me with joy is soaking up every bit of knowledge in this world so I can be the best version of myself and following the  L I G H T  that allows my soul to  s i n g .

But what fills me the most with joy is knowing that is just the end of the beginning.

To anyone who is faced with a decision that you feel like pulls you in two different directions –  know that it is  O K A Y   to not know the answer, it is  O K A Y   to be unsure and when the time is  R I G H T  your heart will sit down with you and whisper quietly what you truly desire

 just remember to take the time to listen.

Sending you my  l o v e  and  l i g h t  while I jump into the sea of unknowing amongst an ocean of abyss with the sails of  F A I T H  guiding the way.

DK <3


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